A virtual branch of your company. In one day, anywhere you want.

In person, remotely! It is possible!

Certified quality and safety guarantee

Inperly Box is a physical location that adapts to your customers’ needs

It allows you to create your outlet in any location, such as a shopping mall, pharmacy or train station. From now on, your customers, while at the location, can enter the Inperly Box and use your services.

Create a new branch of your company…

Place your new facility at the most accessible point in your locality, gain new customers, increase your sales potential and expand your organization’s reach.

… reduce costs…

Implementing the Inperly Box will reduce the cost of existing branches by up to 70%! In addition, from now on, one employee, working from home or from an existing branch, is able to serve the entire region, while maintaining contact with the customer on par with that from a stationary facility.

… and shorten processes to a minimum with Inperly Box!

The time it takes to implement Inperly? Just one day. That’s the time it takes to build a new branch of your company.

How will Inperly Box support your organization?

  • Signing documents during a meeting with a customer
  • Authenticating operations during a call with Customer Service
  • Unlocking access after losing documents and access to the bank account
  • HR processes for remote employees
Health care
  • Circulation of documents and signatures in the process of ordering medicines
  • Registration of patients for scheduled admissions
  • Signing consents for procedures
  • Signing of Electronic Medical Records
Public sector
  • Signing and submitting applications, forms and other documents
  • Receive support and information from an online official
  • Enabling remote service to citizens, while maintaining stationary work of officials

Why Inperly Box?

  • Reduce costs of existing branches by up to 70%
  • Pioneering solution on the market
  • Maintaining a conversational atmosphere on par with that of the inpatient unit
  • Increasing the availability of your company’s services, reaching a larger customer base
  • Choice of any location without the risk of incurring losses associated with the selection of the wrong one
  • Expand coverage without building new branches and hiring additional staff
  • With Inperly Box, one specialist is able to serve the entire region, working from home or from an existing branch office
  • Increase sales potential
  • Reduce queues at stationary facilities
  • Increase work efficiency and revenue for your company

Your safety is our priority

Inperly uses well-known and well-liked, but most importantly, proven tools for remote identification and electronic signatures.

Step into the virtual world with Inperly Box

  • Your virtual branches
  • Without the complexities of building new facilities
  • Intuitive to use

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