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Sign contracts and verify the identity of your customers or new employees in Microsoft Teams.

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Open a hybrid branch of your company in a location of your choice. Expand your reach and gain new customers.

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  • Inperly facilitates the process of digitizing your organization
  • Increase the availability of your services
  • Your team can work remotely and provide remote customer service
  • Increase work efficiency and revenue for your company
  • No complicated implementations
  • Expand your business reach
  • Reduce existing costs

    And many other benefits…

Work in harmony with the environment and go #paperless

Reduce the circulation of traditional documents. Less paper and fewer traditional letters means less carbon dioxide and more forests and trees.

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Human Resources
  • Hiring employees
  • Signing annexes to contracts
  • Conducting interviews remotely with confirmation of the candidate’s identity
  • Circulation of internal documentation
Health care
  • Circulation of documents and signatures in the process of ordering medicines
  • Registration of patients for scheduled admissions
  • Signing consents for procedures
  • Signing of Electronic Medical Records
Public sector
  • Signing and submitting applications, forms and other documents
  • Receive support and information from an online official
  • Court hearings
Higher education
  • Recruitment process
  • Exams
  • Contact the dean’s office online
  • Signing documents during a meeting with a customer
  • Authenticating operations during a call with Customer Service
  • Unlocking access after losing documents and access to the bank account
  • HR processes for remote employees
  • Taking out a life and health insurance policy
  • Completing insurance coverage selection forms
  • Renewing and canceling insurance policies
  • Signing policy claim requests

Your safety is our priority

Inperly uses well-known and well-liked, but most importantly, proven tools for remote identification and electronic signatures.

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